Rezb2b provides simple tools for both tour operators and travel agencies to grow, manage, and expand their businesses to a global audience.
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Greater Exposure

Get your business on board and watch the revenue take off. With our platform, you can connect to thousands of tour providers and travel agencies, reach more audience, and distribute your products on our website. More traffic means more bookings for you!

Global Coverage

Have access to 10K+ tours products across the globe, including bus tours, shows & events, local activities and luxurious cruises by just signing up as our partner. Not to mention we have 5K+ POI, 5K+ transportation and more than 150k+ world-renowned hotels ready for you in our system as well!

Extensive Experience

A dedicated system designed just for tour operators and travel agencies. We have more than 10 years in travel industry; we know what tools you need, what report you want to see, and what goal you are aiming to achieve. Any question? Our 24/7 support is there for you!

Free to use

Just sign up, answer a few question about your company and start using the system for free. You may also get commissions from the products you sell!


For Tour Operator

With Rezb2b's easy-to-use content management system, we connect the best local operators with customers all across the globe.


See what you can do with our dedicated system designed just for tour providers.

Order Management

Check, confirm, or follow up on your orders within seconds.

Product Management

Manage product contents, track product status, editing product upgrades and more.

Resource Management

Track your resources efficiently and effectively. Monitor your inventory and make sure everything is good-to-go.

Quotation Management

Improve your profit margin by using our quotation tools. No more excel sheets to clutter up your desk!


Understand your business better with our precise reports.


See reviews, inquiries, questions and answers in a centralized system.


For Travel Agent

Rezb2b.com offers thousands of travel products and services around the world - tours, activities, excursions, adventures, admission tickets, and the list goes on - on a B2C platform streamlined for ease of navigation and purchase.


The complete set of tools offers more than you ask for.

White Label

Integrate with Rezb2b's white label platform with 1 simple click and instantly be ready to sell more than 6,500 tours & activities. You can even customize the pages to match your existing website.

Travel Widgets

Add Rezb2b's free travel widgets to your site to easily monetize your traffic and exploit the travel plans of your users.

Travel API

Covering tours, activities and hotels, Rezb2b developer hub gives developers free access to a set of APIs that power websites, mobile apps, and much more.


See your sales report, commission report, and more reports all in one place.

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